Master of Science in Supply Chain Management [MSSCM]

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management [MSSCM]

Validated, Quality Assured And Degree Awarded By EIU-PARIS

Enroll ( 1999.00 )

Supply Chain Management, one of the most important part of any organization, plays very vital role for the excellence of the organization in this competitive business world. Supply Chain Management is connected with every operation of the organization. The expertise of SCM in any organization can create the difference.

Considering the importance of Supply Chain Management, World Academy has introduced highly demanded, practical focused, job oriented, content driven Professional Masters in Supply Chain Management. UWM, an USA based university has accredited the course.

Course/Special Features:

  • Study Mode: Self Paced Learning System (Online-Distance Learning)
  • Books/ Study Material: Completely FREE
  • Case-Assignment based learning
  • Practical focused modules
  • Work simulation based curriculum
  • Mobile friendly Learning Management System
  • Video Tutorial Available
  • To gather knowledge on basic Supply Chain Management
  • To be acquainted with Supply Chain Skills
  • To have all tools and formats to be used in Supply Chain Management
  • To have confident to compete with experienced person
  • To have practical exposures in different Supply Chain Management function
  • To gain adequate business knowledge to become expert SCM practitioner
  • To gain competencies to add value towards bottom line of the organization
  • To gain expertise to contribute in Business decisions

Entry Requirements:

  • Recognized Bachelor Degree in any field or Recognized Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) 
  • Sufficient English language proficiency.
  • At least 1 year of working experience.
  • Participants must have the facility of smart phone or laptop or computer to maintain the program activity.

Mature Entry Route (done on case-by-case evaluation basis only):

  • Candidates without any prior tertiary education and qualification should possess at least 10 years of professional working experience in the field of Business, Management, or related areas of work.
  • Candidates  who have completed HND Level 4 (Diploma) should possess at least 7 years of professional working experience in the field of Business, Management, or related areas of work.
  • Candidates who have completed HND Level 5 (Higher Diploma) should possess at least 4 years of professional working experience in the field of Business, Management, or related areas of working experience.

Unit-1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management [5 ECT]

Unit-2: Demand Planning & Forecasting [5 ECT]

Unit-3: Procurement Management for Organization [5 ECT]

Unit-4: Strategic Sourcing in Supply Chain Management [5 ECT]

Unit-5: Inventory Management [5 ECT]

Unit-6: Warehouse Management [5 ECT]

Unit-7: Transport & Distribution Management [5 ECT]

Unit-8: Logistics Information Management [5 ECT]

Unit-9: Supplier Performance Management [5 ECT]

Unit-10 : Risk Management for Supply Chain [5 ECT]

Unit-11: Operation Management [5 ECT]

Unit-12: Total Quality Management [5 ECT]

Unit-13: Sustainable Logistic & Supply Chain management [5 ECT]

Unit-14: Project Management [5 ECT]

Unit-15: People Management [5 ECT]

Unit-16: Action Research Paper [15 ECTs]


Unit/ Subjects:

M 821: Introduction to  Supply Chain Management [5 ECT]

M 822: Demand Planning & Forecasting [5 ECT]

M 823: Procurement Management for Organization [5 ECT]

M 824: Strategic Sourcing in Supply Chain Management [5 ECT]

M 825: Inventory Management [5 ECT]

M 826:  Warehouse Management [5 ECT]

M 827:  Transport & Distribution Management [5 ECT]

M 828: Logistics Information Management [5 ECT]

M 829: Supplier Performance Management  [5 ECT]

M 830: Risk Management for Supply Chain [5 ECT]

M 831: Operation Management [5 ECT]

M 832: Total Quality Management [5 ECT]

M 833: Sustainable Logistic & Supply Chain management [5 ECT]

M 834: Project Management [5 ECT]

M 835: People Management [5 ECT]

M 836: Action Research Paper [15 ECT]

Accreditation & Recognition EIU-Paris :

ASIC-UK  (Accreditation)
The University has earned Premier status with Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) for its commendable areas of operation.

ACBSP (Program Accreditation & Professional Member)
The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), US based CHEA recognised Accreditation body has approved EIU’s application for Candidacy for Programme Accreditation.

BGA (Member)
The Business Graduates Association (BGA) is an international membership and quality assurance body of world-leading and high-potential Business Schools.

ECBE (Member)
ECBE is a prestigious international accreditation agency who recognizes EIU’s endeavor in providing high-quality education in vocation-focused and job skills specific programmes and qualifications. 

CIA (Member)
EIU intends to collaborate with Cambridge International in such initiative as Publishing in Partnership (PiP Model), Research Acceleration, Scholarly Dissemination, and Training Implementation.

ATHEA (Member)
Being a member is to operate as a tertiary educational institution, focusing on programme of higher education, be in existence for at least 1 year, and offer and teach their own institution’s programmes.


Curse overview:

Course Level



Total Modules [Subject]


15 Modules, Every Module has 4 Units

Total Units



Total ECT


90 [Subject wise 15*5=75 + ARP: 15]

Study Mode 


Self-Paced Learning System (Online-Distance Learning)



12-18 Months



Each Unit has 01 (One) Final Assignment.

Action Research paper


One Action Research Paper Needs to be submitted.

Required Documents for Admission:

  • Education Certificates.
  • Latest CV/Resume.
  • Personal Statement (500 words).
  • Passport Copy.
  • Passport Size Photo (jpg. format).
  • Reference Letters.

Grading Systems:

Higher Distinction     






First Division



Second Division










49% and Below.




Is this course Fully Online?


Yes, this course is fully online


Is there video tutorial?


Yes, there are video tutorial for each module


Can we download material?


Yes, you can download pdf material. However video is not downloadable


Can I attend Exam Online?


Yes, you can attend exam online?


How can I get certificate?


Once you complete all requirements like passing exam, passing assignments etc, then electronic certificate will be sent. Later on the printed certificate will be issued by the university will be sent to your address via guaranteed post like DHL, UPS etc


Can we contact instructor or administrator


Yes, you can contact instructor or administrator through your dash board. Also you can contact administrator through whatsapp


Is this course internationally recognized?


Yes, the course is validated & accredited by European International University – Paris, France


How can I pay?


You can pay through visa/master card. Also can pay through bank transfer


What is your bank details?


Please contact our representative for bank details, or else you may send email to


Is there any other fee required for exam or certificate?


No, there is no other fee required. Material, exam, certificate all costs are included in the fee declared


What will happen if I fail in the exam?


You will get second chance without any other fee. However for the third chance on ward, you need to pay exam/assessment fee 15 USD per attempt. You can attempt as many as required.


Am I eligible for Professional Masters?


Eligibility is: Minimum Graduation and at least 1 year professional experience


Duration 1 Year
Regular Fee 1999.00
Partial Scholarship: Available