Terms and Conditions

1. You need to follow the rules and regulations of the WARD education programme.

2. WARD has the right to change or amend any rules as per the Qualification Body.

3. You also need to follow the rules, regulations, and quality standards of the accreditation body of WARD.

4. All candidates are advised to obtain a printed copy of their certificate within one year of the results being published.

5. No one is allowed to record any class without the consent of the authority. WARD owns the material; sharing, reproduction, and part-modification are strictly prohibited.

7. Sharing a user ID and password is strictly prohibited.

8. Enrolment will be cancelled due to noncompliance (violation of any terms or rules).

9. WARD has the right to cancel any batch's or individual's enrolment without showing any cause.

10. WARD has the authority to change or modify any class schedule, exam schedule, result schedule, or trainer without showing any cause to the participants.

11. For any complaints, please contact info@worldacademy.uk.