The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program is designed to equip you with essential modern management knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure your mindset, skill set, and application ability for business growth and sustainability.  MBA program designed & assessed by World Academy; Validated, Quality Assured & Degree Awarded by The EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is ranked #55 WORLD’S BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS FOR 2023 by CEOWORLD Magazine. Our MBA Graduates are highly confident in business management along with the subject matter socialization to contribute to the organization for its growth.


Corporates also appoint our MBA graduates with hope and confidence for their professional skill set and business-centric mentality. In this course, you will study and learn modern tools and techniques on particular subjects along with business areas. The curriculum has been developed by a pool of industry experts on the particular area with their expert contributions in the respective field.

The EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is ranked #55 WORLD’S BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS for 2023 by CEOWORLD Magazine. EIU-Paris continues to be one of the WORLD’S BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE BUSINESS SCHOOLS of the 21st Century, and beyond.


Program Objective:

  • To enable delegates for a business-centric mentality
  • To ensure the learning of business acumen and its application
  • To learn modern management technique
  • To enable the skills set of delegates to the application of their learning
  • To equip delegates for applying different tools in their workplace
  • To accelerate individual career through globally recognized higher level certification
  • To make delegates more analytical and to make them capable of business decisions


Program Goals:

The MBA program structure enables delegates to acquire the following knowledge and transferable skills:

  • Essential & modern management skills for playing a role at a managerial level
  • Adequate financial knowledge to play role in mid to senior-level position
  • Essential knowledge of business acumen and its application for business analysis
  • Advanced supervisory and leadership skills to fit in the 21st-century century leaders’ filed
  • Essential Competency to deal with a business crisis in the post covid world
  • Essential Cost Management Skills for ensuring a healthy bottom line
  • Adequate capacity to ensure competitive advantage for the organization to sustain in the competitive world
  • Capability to innovate ideas and strengthen the business expansion
  • Self-analysis, self-management, and Emotional intelligence
  • Expertise in analytical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Highly effective communication skills.


Program Benefit

At the end of the program, a successful delegate will have the ability to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of management theories, modern management practices, and conceptual framework to apply those in the organization for smart management of the organization
  • Obtain a strong understanding of business and financial knowledge to apply those for better business decisions in the VUCA world
  • Equip themselves with modern business management tools and techniques to ensure sustainable organizational growth
  • Demonstrate an extraordinary leadership role in the organization to lead from the front
  • Ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction to protect the interest of all stakeholders of the business
  • Ensure shareholder's interest by strengthening the bottom line of the business
  • Demonstrate advanced consulting capacity to apply organization development intervention for the growth and sustainability of the organization


Program Structure [Subjects]:

  1. MBA501: Operations Management [6 ECT]
  2. MBA502: Marketing Management [6 ECT]
  3. MBA503: Supply Chain Management [6 ECT]
  4. MBA504: People Management [6 ECT]
  5. MBA505: Project Management [6 ECT]
  6. MBA506: Financial Management [6 ECT]
  7. MBA507: Total Quality Management [6 ECT]
  8. MBA601: Business Policy & Strategic Management [6 ECT]
  9. MBA602: Business Economics & Cost Accounting [6 ECT]
  10. MBA603: Leadership & Innovation Management [6 ECT]
  11. MBA604: Managerial Competencies [6 ECT]
  12. MBA605: Digitalization & E-commerce [6 ECT]
  13. MBA701: Action Research Paper [18ECT]


In order to obtain the MBA degree (with specialization), students need to complete 12 core modules + Action Research Paper in his/her chosen specialization area.


The 12 core modules are assessed using Application-Oriented-Assignments (A.O.A.) of 3,000-3,500 words and a minimum of 5,000 words for the Action Research Paper.


* An average of 10-12 hours of study time per week is recommended for this program. 100% completion of courses and assessments therein is required to be able to get certified in the M.B.A. program.


Entry Requirement:

· Recognized Bachelor Degree in any field.

· Sufficient English language proficiency

· At least 1 year of working experience.


Required Document for admission:

  • Education Certificate (of Bachelor’s degree/bachelor Diploma) & transcripts (PDF)
  • Latest CV / Résumé (PDF)
  • Passport Size Photo (jpg) 
  • Reference letter. (PDF)
  • Passport copy (pdf) 
  • Personal Statement (500 words) [about, why are you interested to take this course, career goals, future plans]



  • Duration: 12-18 Months
  • Mode: Fully Online
  • Specialization: 10
  • Regular Fee: Euro 1499
  • Scholarship available for a limited period



Specialization areas:

  1. MBA in Finance & Accounts
  2. MBA in Human Resource Management
  3. MBA in Leadership & Strategic Management
  4. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  5. MBA in Marketing & Sales Management
  6. MBA in Operations Management
  7. MBA in Occupational Health & Safety
  8. MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  9. MBA in Project Management
  10. MBA in Organizational Development
  11. Learning & Development
  12. Business Management
  13. Public Administration¬¬ & Management
  14. Primary Health Care Management
  15. Economics & Cost Management
  16. Event Management
  17. Information Management
  18. Disaster & Risk Management
  19. Warehouse & Distribution Management
  20. Education Management
  21. Human Psychology & Industrial Relation
  22. Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  23. Brand Management
  24. Managing NGOs
  25. Total Quality Management
  26. Procurement Management
  27. Production Management
  28. Banking & Financial Management
  29. Factory Operation Management
  30. Banking Management
  31. Tourism & Hospitality Management
  32. Hotel Management

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